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Topic'it is an easy to use and free application to access your favorite discussions forums.

It allows you to browse, participate and follow the forums and communities that interest you from your tablet or smartphone. Topic'it is a turning point in online discussions and communities: 100% mobile forums, real-time notifications, overall monitoring of your forums, easy sharing of messages and topics, and more discussions than ever!

You can follow all your favorite forums on a single mobile app. No need to access and connect to each forum one by one from your web browser! Topic'it allows you to access all your forums very easily!

Follow the latest discussions andnews of your favorite forums on a unique and custom news feed. You won't miss any subject or message.

Enable notifications to be informed in real time of new topics, replies... You will stay connected to your forums.

With Topic'it, you can register and connect to online communities in a fast and secure way. Most importantly, you stay connected to your accounts on the forums and message boards. This allows you to browse and participate in discussions at any time.

Improved management of private messages allows you to easily discuss with members. Send private messages to several users at time.

If you are in a hurry, pin the topics to add it to the list "Read Later". You will easily consult it when you will have time to.

On the "Discover" view, go to the most popular forums of the moment. You will find current trends of searches, forums and topics on Topic'it! In addition to the trends of forums, you can browse the directory or search forums by keywords or URL.

Discover thousands of forums, topics and communities discussing your passions and interests: sports forums, cars and motorbikes, RPG forums, animals... And why not subscribe in just one-click to share and discuss with forum members ideas, images and videos.

On Topic'it application, discuss with members who share your passions and keep your forums at your fingertips.


by Topic'it. The best solution to turn your forum into a mobile app. Enjoy a more engaged and active community of members thanks to Topic'it.

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